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Quick overview of Pure Myrrh Resinoid

Myrrh is actually a resin or something like a sap which comes fromCommiphoramyrrha (a tree) and is widely found in Africa and Middle East. It is one of the most used essential oils.

The myrrh oil which we manufacture is quite distinctive than other essential oils and has a very few oils just due to the dry desert conditions from the place where it grows. At iFragrance, we have many features in making Myrrh Resinoid Essential oil,

• We provide 100%natural and chemical freemyrrh resinoid essential oil.
• Our products always look forward to customer satisfaction.
• Our essential oils are known to get shipped to foreign countries.
• One of the best myrrh resinoid oil is manufactured by iFragrance as it is totally pure and natural.
• As manufacturers, we always look forward to factors like the ingredients are always extracted from totally natural products.
• We make all our products in a safe and hygienic condition.


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Price: $5.00


Features of Myrrh Resinoid:

  • Myrrh Resinoid is extracted by the method of Steam Distillation.
  • It is made from Resin.
  • It has a medium consistency.
  • It has a strong aroma, even used in perfumes.
  • It has a long shelf life in general and is quite better than most of the oils.


  • Amazing scent even used in Attars and perfumes.
  • The scent it has lifts the mood.
  • Used to add flavors.
  • Even used to deal with tough stains.

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