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Our history is the story of our journey. And we’ve been through a journey of exploration, discovery, and wonderment; a journey that has been proud and fruitful, from its humble beginnings to the dizzying heights we've scaled along the way. Our background consists of approx 400 years for cultivation and trading business of Indian Origin Natural Herbs , Traditional Indian Attars etc. In 16 th century ,Our forefather Mir Sayyid Muhammad Qanauji ( A Sufi Scholar ) and His companions started "Attar Industry" .Just because of this vast trading experience we expanded our business into the manufacturing and exporting of Natural Essential Oil and Traditional Indian Attars.





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iFRAGRANCE INDIA is a reckoned name in the manufacturing and supply of 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oils, Carrier oils, Absolutes, Aromatic Compounds, Aromatherapy Oils etc– both in the Indian market as well as several foreign markets. We are specialists in 100% pure and natural Essential oils, Carrier oils, Absolutes, Aromatic Compounds, Aromatherapy Oils etc . And our focus on this line of products has brought us to where we are today. Our products are exported to most parts of the globe. We offer Essential oils right from small consumer packs to bulk packaging. We are versatile in this respect, which has made us unique among our customers both in India as well as abroad. Continual focus on quality has earned an epitome of trust for the company amidst the world market.

Our well equipped manufacturing unit is situated in Kannauj where we distill natural essential oils, spice oils and making Indian Attars. Our products are dispatched to the customers only after extreme Quality test in laboratory to fulfill their need of Quality product because we believe in quality service and our motto is Customer Satisfaction.

Today, iFRAGRANCE INDIA represents and supplies world renowned brands of Essential Oils and Traditional Indian Attars. Our quality control and choice of brands have earned us a unique recognition for quality from all our clients. Our dedication, zest, hard work and professionalism are the reasons for numerous completely satisfied customers.


iFRAGRANCE INDIA identifies itself as an organization that consistently delivers research based natural products to improve the quality of life and standards of living in respect to health. Because we constantly supply the healthcare and food industries, our mission is to provide premium quality ingredients and maintain high levels of commitment and service to our customers.


To constantly better ourselves and our product range and provide every single customer with the finest quality products. Because we believe nature presented us with a multitude of phenomenal ingredients that are essential to health and well being. Here at iFRAGRANCE INDIA, we are providing nature's best to benefit healthy living to its fullest potential and continue to create exciting new products to enhance our customers' product lines with innovative ingredient solutions.