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Quick overview of Pure Gingergrass Oil

Gingergrass oil is totally made in India and is totally native. It is commonly called asSofiya in Sanskrit and is extracted by the methods of steam distillation. It has a woody aroma and is derived from the plant called Cymbopogon martini var. It is quite similar to that of lemongrass essential oil.

• Our market places features one of the best quality organic and naturalgingergrass oil for affordable costs.
• Our company uses the finest ginger grass for the production ofgingergrass oil.
• We are the largest exporters of Gingergrass oil from India.
• We can even import products for our company.
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• Our products are totally natural and pure.
• We use the process of steam distillation for gingergrass oil extraction.


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Price: $5.00



  • Gingergrass Oil has a quite woody scent with a fresh aroma.
  • Has a similar structure as that of water.
  • Gingergrass oil has an extraction process of steam distillation.
  • It has a transparent color and is quite popular for different purposes.


  • Gingergrass oil is used for a lot of things and is known to cure male health too.
  • It is used to boost sexual health too.
  • Headaches or anxiety is also cured by Gingergrass oil.
  • Cures illness like cough, cold or allergies or even other types of sickness unlike other essential oils.
  • Used for cooking purposes too.

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