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Quick overview of Pure Orange Blossom Absolute

Orange blossom absolute is also known as orange flower absolute which is extracted from the blossoms of the biter orange tree or the Citrus aurantiumamara which is taken by the means of solvent extraction.

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Price: $5.00


Features of Orange Blossom Absolute:

  • Orange Blossom Absolute is a rich and a warm product, yet it is delicate at the same time.
  • It has a fresh smell and a very nice aroma.
  • It is slightly green in color and has a good tenacity.
  • It has a slight brownish-green appearance and a transparent or a mobile liquid.
  • It is even used as a natural Perfumery.

Features of Orange Blossom Absolute:

  • Orange Blossom Absolute is one of the best kind of health stabilizers and even helps treat an upset stomach.
  • It even helps treat nausea and is even known to cure menstrual disorders.
  • It can even cure respiratory conditions.
  • It is even used for any kind of inflammation. It even is used for hair and fortreating any lice.

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