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Buy High Quality Labdanum Absolute : Natural & Organic Product

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Quick overview of Pure Labdanum Absolute

Labdanum Absolute comes from the resin and comes from the process of steam distillation. Whenever the resin is hydro-distilled, the product is the Labdanum Absolute Oil.

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Price: $5.00


Features of Labdanum Absolute Oil:

  • This Labdanum Absolute is a thick viscous substance which actually is not flowable from the bottle itself.
  • It is quite viscous at room temperature.
  • It is liquified using warm water bath method.
  • It is used for a lot of purposes which even include curing any problems related to bronchitis, diarrhea, or even things like water retention, hernia or majorly, the tumors.
  • It is even used as a stimulant.
  • It is used to cure minor cuts.
  • Has a soothing aroma.
  • Usually has a transparent color, but when it is viscous, develops a creamy color.

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