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Quick overview of Pure Gurjun balsam oil light

The gurjun balsam oil is utilized in the perfume industry and also has many medicinal uses. It assists in stimulating the heart and increasing blood pressure. It also finds application in the cures of rheumatic pain and other skin problems such as bedsores, diaper rash, wounds, and eczemas.

The Sanskrit name of the ordinary Gurjun tree is Ashwakarna and is the reliable Ayurvedic cure for relieving respiratory issues like a chronic cough, bronchitis, and asthma, for its amazing ability to get rid of the surplus mucous deposits in the respiratory system.


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Price: $5.00


If you are looking for a good gurjan essential oils seller than I fragrance India is the place for you. We offer pure and chemical free Essential Oils on Wholesale. So if you are searching for organic gurjan balsam oil light than your search ends here. Buy the best quality essential oils from us at I fragrance India the top importers and exports. Some of the Ayurvedic health benefits of Gurjun balsam essential oil are: Gurjun Balsam oil is a well-known ingredient in a lot of Ayurvedic skin care remedies it is utilized in the treatment of bedsores, wounds, cuts, ringworm, psoriasis and diaper rashes, boils. Gurjun oil has an antimicrobial and antifungal property that controls the growth of damaging organisms like fungi and bacteria. It is also helpful in relieving rheumatic problems and alleviates respiratory disorders. Buy the quality essential oil at the best price with I fragrance. We provide guaranteed 100% pure and natural products with our top quality assurance facilities.

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