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Quick overview of Pure Ginger Oil

Ginger is a product that has so many healthy applicable usages. fragrance India has come up with a product of ginger oil that is the best thing ever produced with ginger. Ginger oil is one of our specialities and we are the best manufacturers and essential oil traders in India. We provide the ginger oil made from the best ginger crop production of our farms. It is one of the most ancient trading commodity and as for us, we are the biggest exporter of ginger oil. Ginger oil carries many benefits, some of them are:


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Price: $5.00


  • Helps to soothe the pain when applied over the respective body part.
  • Warming qualities of ginger oil are very helpful for curing digestive problems.
  • Ginger oil repels harmful mosquito infections that cause very serious diseases like dengue (yellow fever) and malaria.
  • Many heart problems can be avoided with a regular usage of ginger oil because it helps to lower the cholesterol and improves the health of the heart.
We are the Best Traders of Essential Oils and the process of making ginger oil in our factories is done with high-quality equipments and highly trained professionals make it accordingly the standards set by health organisations. The scent of ginger oil varies with the process of distillation its through. At our factor,y the method we use for distillation is steam distillation. It is scientifically proven as the best method of distillation because after this process no unwanted residue is left in the product and all we get 100% pure and high-quality ginger oil

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