Infrastructure & Facilities :

As a leading manufacturer and exporter of Essential Oils, Absolutes, Carrier Oils and Traditional Indian Attars , we always strive to provide our products and extracts only from the best ingredients nature has to offer. In order to bring our customers a wider range of products and open new possibilities in the world of natural ingredients. We have our own manufacturing facilities for distilling Essential Oils and Traditional Attars in Heart of The City of Perfumes, Kannauj. Our plant is equipped with the latest technology to preserve the delicate fragrances of flowers and aromatic property of Natural Essential Oils and this technology is nowhere adapted in whole of India for the production of Essential Oils. In Kannauj obviously, the perfume city of India, various plants and shrubs like Rose , Thujawood , Nagarmotha , Lemongrass, Carrot Seed and many other Indian origin aromatic specimens are juxtaposed with other plants and trees of great medicinal virtue which creates a serene atmosphere where the gift of the nature can be deeply felt. This serene atmosphere would automatically trigger the healing process which would remove the disease of mind and body. If we realize this subtle relationship between nature and us, we can comprehend the internal and external peace and joy. We are in, to capture these aromatic treasures of the Mother Nature. Our small service to the society in bringing peace to the mankind.

Responsibilities towards Healthy Environment & Safety

  • iFI is committed towards protecting the environment and ensuring the health and safety of associates.
  • iFI do not deal or conduct our research work on in rare & danger species.
  • iFI maintain adequate hygienic environment at our work place to obtain quality and safe production.

Packaging of Material

iFI have come up with the wide range of essential oils which are fabricated using finest quality ingredients. Our team packs these oils in protective packaging material that ensure safe delivery. However, the packaging can also be customized to suit the specific requirement of client and product itself. The best thing about our packaging of oils. Is that , it plays an active role in protecting the physical attributes of essential oils, which are known for pleasant fragrance and aroma. The packing happens in hygienic conditions to monitor the various safety measures. The process of distillation and it purification also take place in a hygienic environment and the produced oil is kept in well packed G.I Containers, aluminum bottles, jars and in boxes depending upon the nature of the oil.